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Charlie Fuller, Senior Account Manger
12th Feb 18

The day pizza took over the internet

On Friday 9th of February the media was full of deals, recipes and suggestions for the best pizza in town – in celebration of National Pizza Day!

Pizza left Italian shores after WW2 when allied troops stationed in the country tasted the local delicacy and then took the recipes and ideas home with them.

Since then National Pizza Day has been created for the billions of fans of the dish worldwide.

Pizza Day provided an explosion of media fodder, with the likes of the Sun sharing a cost ‘per square inch’ in order to get the best value for money and Prezzo launching a charcoal infused pizza, to encourage customers through the door. The Daily Mail conducted a roundup of the top national pizza deals and the Metro also discussed top pizza alternatives to try.

Instagram was also buzzing with posts celebrating this doughy delight; over 181,888 posts contained the #NationalPizzaDay tag, with users finding all kinds of ways to creatively share their passion for pizza.


There’s a ‘National Day’ for most foods in existence (British Yorkshire Pudding Day and World Salami Day to name a few), but what makes Pizza Day more appealing than the others and how do brands know which band wagon to jump on?

Four Reasons Pizza Day is a winner:

1. It falls just after January which by and large is a time when most consumers are ready to throw their healthy diet to the wind and get stuck into a pizza – media included who are also bored of talking about smoothies and salad
2. Pizza is the 3rd favourite takeaway option in Britain so clearly the demand for Pizza is there and the majority of people are keen to celebrate it
3. Pizza can be made healthy or not depending on whether you opt for a greasy takeout or a homemade version – so it appeals to families, couples and people with all kinds of dietary requirements
4. Pizza is something you can make, eat in a restaurant or order as a takeaway which gives providers hundreds of ways to excite consumers – as opposed to an items most consumers only really buy in the supermarket – such as fruit and veg

National Days certainly have their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to utilising them for PR purposes. So if you’re deciding which one to align your client/brand with, here are some tips before you begin:

1. Check if this is a day which gets traction in the media each year – this will give you a strong indication of whether it’s one to tie into in the first place
2. The popular days such as Pizza Day generate a lot of competition amongst brands (shops, restaurants and takeaways), so ensure your idea is strong enough to stand out in the crowd
3. The same idea isn’t guaranteed to work year on year – innovation will be required to keep exciting media and consumers each time
4. If it’s an unhealthy food that’s being celebrated – be prepared for some possible negative press too, especially if you’re creating a limited edition which is extra-calorific!

Charlie Fuller
Senior Account Manager

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