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Esther Knox, Account Manager
1st Mar 18

An inside view from an outsider

This week, the Cirkle PR team was a member stronger as my younger sister, Miriam, joined us for a week of work experience. Here she shares her thoughts on the communications industry from an intern’s perspective. Over to you Miriam!

Over the past week I have delved into the world of PR for the first time. When I came to Cirkle for work experience I did not expect the variety and complexity of tasks that fall into the agency’s capable hands. This post is to talk about how this insight has challenged my preconceptions about the communications industry. Previously I thought PR/comms was a sector filled with glamour, sass and lots of light-hearted fun (think Marshmallows, Rainbows and Prosecco). Don’t get me wrong, the guys who work at Cirkle are extremely glamorous and get their fair share of fun, but they are all ridiculously hard working people who want the best for their clients and the end consumer.

On my first morning I was thrown straight into Cirkle’s weekly ‘Stand Up’ company meeting. Here each team told everyone about their successes and shared the knowledge gained with the wider team. There was a special mention to the Cirkle Oskars, a 1920’s themed awards evening celebrating the journalists and publishers that the trade team work with consistently. This meeting started the week off on a positive note and noticeably gave the guys a light. Remember, positivity breeds positivity! The rest of the day was spent packing product samples for clients into unicorn themed boxes, pulling together social media content calendars and keeping an eye out for breaking news that could really impact Cirkle’s clients. At the end of the jam packed day, it’s safe to say I was pooped.


The rest of the week flew by; I’ve never had the time pass so quickly! What really stood out to me is the fact that Cirkle seems to be one of the few companies that actually live their values. Their new values were launched a few months ago, but it is abundantly clear they all live and breathe the four values. Take ‘We See The Positive’ for example. I have witnessed and been involved in so many conversations and meetings where I have come out with a smile on my face. The other values – ‘We Do The Right Thing’, ‘We’re On It’ and ‘We Bring Out The Best’ are also witnessed on a daily basis.

Now, the question you have all been waiting for, would I recommend that someone who’s looking to get an insight into PR do work experience at Cirkle? I think you can guess my answer from what I have said so far but, in case I wasn’t clear enough, my answer is 100% yes! They don’t just talk at you for the whole week; they give you tasks to get stuck in with and really want you to go away with valuable insight and knowledge of a fast paced, exciting industry and how our work can impact clients’ reputations and sales. The amazing brands that Cirkle work with (including Nutella – my inner child was rejoicing over this!) are just the cherry on the top!

To summarise, Cirkle is one of the best places to do work experience and their employees are amazing – they’re going to have to throw me out come Friday afternoon!

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