Marketers! You’re dumber than you think

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When I saw those words as a billed session on the Marketing Week Live line up, it caught my attention. So I went, and I listened….intently. The speaker Emily Shelley, former Press Association journalist turned content marketer, explored the cognitive biases that stop all marketers from making smart decisions, and revealed how it’s possible to overcome our human flaws to create winning strategies.

American business magnate, Warren Buffet, once claimed: “What the human being is best at doing is interpreting all new information so that their prior conclusions remain intact.” In a world that is bursting to the seams with big data and insights, we must ask ourselves, how much of what we are investing in, analysing, reviewing and evaluating, isn’t actually being utilised as effectively as it can be, at the fault of our own bias? Confirmation bias, anchor bias, availability bias, conservatism bias, Emily explored a host of pre-conceived ideas we apply to everyday living, which could be the key to why we don’t always get it right.

Emotional Intelligence and EQ is a hot topic at the moment, and the practice of self-awareness is something, that if improved and explored, will help to recognise and identify these nuances of behavioural economics. It’s not about seeking out evidence to support what we already know, but instead eroding the boundaries and killing the bias.

Emily’s closing advice on how to beat the bias were wise words: band together and if you’re all diverse enough and you engage in some functional conflict, you’ll make more rounded decisions.

We like rounded decisions at Cirkle.

Alexa Stewart
Associate Director

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