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Mary Lewis, Senior Account Executive
22nd Mar 18

Setting the Right KPIs – Cirkle Joins the PRCA’s Evaluation Group

Last week we attended the PRCA’s (the PR industry’s governing body) inaugural Evaluation Group where PRs will continue to lead the charge on campaign measurement & evaluation best practice which starts with setting the right measureable KPIs to assess impact and success.  Content will be shared regularly via the group and the PRCA will continue to update its best practice guide.

Here are my top five takeouts from the session:

  1. Breaking down the meaning behind KPIs and their purpose. Firstly, the definition of a KPI is: bridging the chasm between strategy and desired results – defining intentions, setting benchmarks to monitor results against. Delving even deeper into the definition, it breaks these down into:
  • Key: measure things you can affect and change, not those beyond your control
  • Performance: provide results as close to real time as possible and respond and adapt if activity isn’t working
  • Indicators: is just that, an indicator. It’s not the end result and can therefore be changed
  1. Auditors just bayonet the dead. As PR consultants, we stay close to how we’re tracking against the KPIs set against a campaign and recommend if activity and metrics need to be reviewed. The key is to continually demonstrate to clients how PR impacts their business.
  1. What are the right questions to ask from the outset? It’s imperative that campaign KPIs are set in the context of clients’ business and commercial objectives and indeed, they link to communications objectives. Questions to consider include: ‘What does success look like? Is what we measure useful and will it inform future strategy?’
  1. Addressing key challenges when setting KPIs. ‘You need to know where you are now, to know where you are going’ and this applies to setting KPIs. It’s only when you have a benchmark that you able to compare the success of campaigns. We can then determine the right measurement and methodology to be used and how often these will be reviewed, analysed and acted upon.
  1. Get involved. It’s been a great experience for me to be part of this innovative group – we all know that AVE as a metric has not been recognised by the PR industry for years, and it’s our job to educate clients on the latest measurement tools – indeed, those that look at engagement as opposed to broad metrics like ‘reach’ and ‘OTS’.

At Cirkle our ‘Measurement in the Round’ 6-step model embraces best practice and also includes a suite of video, digital and print collateral which showcase campaign effectiveness and impact, for clients to share with their stakeholders, including the C-Suite.

Mary Lewis
Senior Account Executive

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