Gareth Southgate’s Waistcoat

“We salute you Gareth Southgate. You mild-mannered, waistcoat-wearing, self-deprecating, modest, articulate, calm, sensible, measured, dignified, tidy-bearded **** beauty”.  Just one Tweet that I caught about the inspirational leadership style of the England Manager, Gareth Southgate.


Leading his team into the World Cup Russia Quarter Finals, winning a penalty shootout (which an England team hasn’t achieved since Spain in 1996) are evidence that you don’t have to be a dictating, ball-breaker to be a true leader.  The fact that Gareth keeps his waistcoat on, buttoned up, during every game, to me heralds the return of the gentleman and with that comes exactly what the above Tweet says, ‘dignity’ in leadership.

Our new(ish) and inspirational MD has been in role for four months and displays a similar leadership style to England’s new surprise ‘hero’ – dignity, gently spoken, a calm resilience, a non arrogant determination to win, high EQ, a nurturing manner and an authentic desire to bring out the best in her team.  All this has resulted in Cirkle going from strength to strength under her leadership including winning new business …the polar opposite to a PR industry head who recently said “they didn’t have the time to be nice”.

In the meantime, back to the waistcoat, M&S – the official suit supplier to the England Squad – have reported +35% increase in demand for waistcoats as fans flock to emulate their new icon in what has been coined a trend for ‘reverse casualization’.  Let’s hope the ongoing ‘trend’ for dignified, calm leaders long continues.

Rikki Weir

Board Director

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