Law on Buying Pets to Change and End Horror of Puppy Farming…Hurrah!

If you’re a lover of four legged furry friends, you’ll be celebrating the amazing victory of the Lucy’s Law campaign to end the horrors of puppy farming. As 60% of Cirkle employees are dog or cat owners, we’re ecstatic to hear this news. It was the first thing I heard on the radio this morning and then saw as the lead story on Good Morning Britain. It’s such a worthy story that deserves the airtime after nine years of campaigning.

The government has finally signalled its intention to target puppy farms and puppy smugglers with the aim of reducing the number of animals living in horrific breeding conditions. THANK YOU Michael Gove for listening!

The regulation will mean anyone wanting to buy or home a puppy or kitten less than 8 weeks old will have to deal directly with the breeder or rehoming centre. The proposed rule will also effectively prevent the sale of puppies and kittens in traditional pet shops, and online dealers. Irresponsible breeders in the UK and abroad use third parties to hide from buyers, who often buy dogs in good faith, having no idea of the conditions of the puppy’s birth or the state of the mother. This is one of the main reasons I so frequently shop at Pets at Home…because they don’t sell puppies and kittens as their top priority is pet welfare.

The new law is a massive step forward to protect our fur babies, but not a deal done just yet. There are organisations that will fight to stop or delay any ban. So as vet Marc Abrahams and Lucy’s Law campaign founder has said; “please, if you want to end the suffering in puppy farms and make history for the pups and their poor mums, now is the time to make your voice heard”. Marc spoke yesterday outside Downing Street flanked by a host of celebrities including Eamon Holmes.

Animal sanctuaries are also not included in the new regulations, and currently sanctuaries, rescue and rehoming centres can be set up without oversight. It’s great news that the ban is coming into place, but in an ideal world Lucy’s Law should be supported by other measures such as regulating rehoming organisations. This would close off other loopholes.

Lucy’s Law has been led by TV vet Marc, championed by the Daily Mirror, and has received significant attention and support from MPs across all parties, so it’s no surprise that the news unfolded quickly in the media this morning. Social media platforms are also awash with comments about Lucy’s Law, with Ricky Gervais’ tweet racking up a huge 4.5k likes.

As part its animal welfare reform programme, the Government is also bringing in higher maximum sentences of up to five years for animal abusers – the toughest sentencing in Europe but not tough enough in my eyes.

PLEASE don’t buy from puppy farmers, it’s an evil trade and these hideous people are making money from these poor puppies. Not buying from them is the only way to stop this trade long-term.


Jodie Hull, Senior Account Director

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