The end of the road (at least for me!)

I have a reputation… for killing off musical careers. I’ll book a ticket to a show and the artist will cancel and never perform again. So imagine my trepidation when I booked to see some old-school R’n’B in the shape of BoyzIIMen. Surely four men would outlast my dubious abilities. You would think…

But no.

Instead of looking forward to their concert tonight, I’m going nowhere.

They cancelled… the afternoon before.

When I saw the insipid text message last night that implied that I should already be aware of the cancellation, I thought someone was playing a mean trick. I went online and sadly the message proved to be true.

Now, dear reader, I’ll leave you to read the text message:

“This is a reminder that the BoyzIIMen show at the Eventim Apollo on 24 August 2018 has been postponed – more info here: – Eventim HQ”

Firstly, as with any crisis or issue, choosing your words carefully is of the utmost importance. In a situation like this emotions will run high and empathy is critical to managing the potential fallout. The text message sent me into a rage – you can’t remind me (and a few thousand fans) if you haven’t told me in the first place.

Obviously I’m devastated but I also can’t help thinking, something isn’t quite right here. First of all, no reason for the ‘postponement’ and secondly, no news of the new date. The latter I can forgive – diaries need to be checked and venues confirmed. It brings me to my second point when it comes to a crisis or issue: answer the question on everyone’s lips as simply as circumstances allow you to do.

Twitter is overrun with angry customers and the responses aren’t coming quickly enough. Point number three – when an issue arises, put your social team on high alert. A quick response, even if it can’t disclose further information, will help the person on the other side feel listened to.

Remember that if someone feels passionately enough about a subject, they will dig.

I did.

Turns out they’ve cancelled the concert because the Livewire Festival, that they were also due to perform at this, was cancelled. Fair enough, I hear you say… and it would be, if it didn’t turn out that the festival announcement went out to the public on the 9th of July. JULY!!!

The message that it has left me taking from the situation is that the group didn’t care enough about their devoted fans to make the trip and do two concerts (instead of the original three) that were planned.

It brings me to my final point: your message needs to reassure people that you care and that you’re working as fast as possible to resolve the situation in a timely manner.

BoyzIIMen, it’s the end of the road for me.


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