Fizzling funds for the government – The Sugar Tax Levy

Price rises, reformulations, smaller bottles, sweeteners: a category in crisis or prepared for what’s to come? Two years after it was first suggested, the sugar tax levy comes into play this Friday and soft drinks is the first sector to take the brunt. A scheme to help the government raise additional funds whilst also attempting

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Vicki Carr, Account Manager  •  5th Apr 18

Setting the Right KPIs – Cirkle Joins the PRCA’s Evaluation Group

Last week we attended the PRCA’s (the PR industry’s governing body) inaugural Evaluation Group where PRs will continue to lead the charge on campaign measurement & evaluation best practice which starts with setting the right measureable KPIs to assess impact and success.  Content will be shared regularly via the group and the PRCA will continue

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Mary Lewis, Senior Account Executive  •  22nd Mar 18

Plastic – The New Evil?

The war against plastic has been dominating the headlines for weeks now; plastic has always been an issue for the environment but after a rather moving series of Blue Planet 2 last year, the public seem keener than ever to do something about it. Last week, I attended an event held by the PR industry’s

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Katherine Brook, Senior Account Executive  •  21st Mar 18

Immersing ourselves in our clients’ worlds: A day in the life of a Morrisons in store foodmaker

Last week, with two of my Cirkle colleagues, we visited one of the Morrisons flagship stores (in Camden) to get stuck in to their fresh food production, and immerse ourselves as part of the Morrisons store team. On arrival we were introduced to super friendly Charlie-Ann who works on the pizza counter/salad bar and who

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Nadia Smith, Account Assistant  •  16th Mar 18

Marketers! You’re dumber than you think

When I saw those words as a billed session on the Marketing Week Live line up, it caught my attention. So I went, and I listened….intently. The speaker Emily Shelley, former Press Association journalist turned content marketer, explored the cognitive biases that stop all marketers from making smart decisions, and revealed how it’s possible to

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Alexa Stewart, Associate Director  •  14th Mar 18

An inside view from an outsider

This week, the Cirkle PR team was a member stronger as my younger sister, Miriam, joined us for a week of work experience. Here she shares her thoughts on the communications industry from an intern’s perspective. Over to you Miriam! Over the past week I have delved into the world of PR for the first

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Esther Knox, Account Manager  •  1st Mar 18

Food to go – catch it if you can

I recently attended the MCA Insight Food to Go Conference to hear from some inspirational speakers about the latest trends, issues and opps facing the sector. MCA provides the eating and drinking-out market with news, intelligence and analysis with insightful reports and events throughout the year. Working with clients such as Premier Foods, Kerry Foods

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Vicki Baker, Account Director  •  19th Feb 18

The day pizza took over the internet

On Friday 9th of February the media was full of deals, recipes and suggestions for the best pizza in town – in celebration of National Pizza Day! Pizza left Italian shores after WW2 when allied troops stationed in the country tasted the local delicacy and then took the recipes and ideas home with them. Since

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Charlie Fuller, Senior Account Manger  •  12th Feb 18

Being around your dog (especially at work) makes pawfect sense

(credit: @hia.alberts / @dyrekassen) In today’s news airlines crackdown on emotional support animals after an increase in on-board incidents. The news came off the back of  United Airlines setting more stringent rules following a bizarre incident when an artist tried to take her “emotional support peacock” on board a United flight. The peacock was apparently

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