Voice activated devices are powering brands digital strategies

Voice-enabled virtual assistants are shaping an increasingly large part of consumers’ everyday lives. The biggest and most well-known is Amazon’s Alexa which through its “skills” connects consumers’ to thousands of useful apps. They can order a takeaway, cook along with Jamie Oliver hands-free or even check their bank balance simply by speaking to the voice-operated

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Claire Twohill, Head of Digital  •  18th Oct 17


If the Football Association (FA) could come up with just one campaign that could get more girls into football, this is NOT it! They are trying to banish typical stereotypes of what it means to be a princess by teaming up with Disney. Isn’t it the very fact that girls are aspiring not to be

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Vicki Carr, Account Manager  •  3rd Aug 17

Is the digital evolution endangering our highstreets and our happiness?

Shopping isn’t what it used to be, when we decide we want a new item of clothing or an all-inclusive holiday, we have endless choices. Venturing out onto the high-street to find these things is for many, becoming an unnecessary hassle. Why fight the crowds and the weather and the parking costs in order to

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Charlie Fuller, Senior Account Manger  •  26th Apr 17

The importance of transparency for brands

Transparency noun The quality of being done in an open way without secrets: ‘Transparency’ has quickly become a part of business and marketing vocabulary. Dictionaries offer many definitions for the word, with synonyms such as: “easily understood,” “very clear,” and “frank”. Today, consumers have more choice than ever and choose to do business with companies

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How digital is impacting the world of retailing

Today, where you can speak to a device to order a takeaway that is delivered directly to your door, the thought of pushing a trolley around a store and paying by cash seems quite alien. With the meteoric development of technology taking over every aspect of our lives, it’s unsurprising to see technological enhancements creeping

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Kathryn Foster, Account Executive  •  10th Apr 17

Is it just too convenient to waste food?

Credit where credit is due, supermarkets and manufacturers have begun working together to tackle the huge issue of food waste. UK households alone binned £13bn worth of food in 2015, a big part of that is on us as consumers, but supermarkets play their part too. Positive steps are in place to limit food waste

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Vicki Baker, Account Director  •  14th Mar 17

The rise of the’Micro-Influencer’

It seems that not a million moons ago, as PRs we found ourselves at the table fighting the corner for ‘influencers’ and banging the drum for the value these pseudo-celebrities were bringing to the (brand) party, in their significant reach and ability to influence consumer buying behaviours. We are now firmly focussed on a new

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Sam Eden, Account Director  •  2nd Mar 17

Valentine’s Day PR Campaigns 2017

From our Mr Kipling cake bouquet to Domino’s en-crust-ed engagement ring, we round up what we loved and didn’t love so much for Valentine’s Day 2017 PR campaigns. A time of year when boyfriends and husbands panic-buy roses from the local petrol station and try to palm them off as florist quality – newsflash, you

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Jaz Hannington, Account Manager  •  22nd Feb 17

Thank you Trump – for FEMPOWERMENT’s second coming

2016 was a year of colossal change…Brexit, Trump and on a personal level baby number two arrived. Admittedly in my bubble, the year was much of a blur – but it would seem for the rest of the world these major global events had a phenomenal and unprecedented impact. Returning to work this year, the

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