Valentine’s Day PR Campaigns 2017

From our Mr Kipling cake bouquet to Domino’s en-crust-ed engagement ring, we round up what we loved and didn’t love so much for Valentine’s Day 2017 PR campaigns. A time of year when boyfriends and husbands panic-buy roses from the local petrol station and try to palm them off as florist quality – newsflash, you

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Jaz Hannington, Account Manager  •  22nd Feb 17

Thank you Trump – for FEMPOWERMENT’s second coming

2016 was a year of colossal change…Brexit, Trump and on a personal level baby number two arrived. Admittedly in my bubble, the year was much of a blur – but it would seem for the rest of the world these major global events had a phenomenal and unprecedented impact. Returning to work this year, the

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Speak Like The Speaker?

For those who caught John Bercow’s (in my mind) magnificent parlance yesterday – that he would not approve Trump addressing MPs in Parliament, I wonder if it struck you how slowly he delivered his message. As befitting of someone in his position, he talked with authority … and  …. clarity … speaking ……… very ……

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Rikki Weir, Board Director  •  7th Feb 17

2018: The Year of…?

On Friday I joined the PRCA for their conference on ‘2017: The Year of…’. Wide-ranging topics included business and consumer trends for 2017, post-truth communications, the continued rise of VR in PR and the PRCA’s 17 recommendations for great communications in 2017 With only one mention of Millennials this time around, time will tell what will

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Jonathan Smith, Director Trade  •  31st Jan 17

Six Golden Rules That Make an Influencer ‘Pitch Wizard’

At Cirkle, word from the rumour mill is that I have a knack for media and blogger relations. Previously specialising in journalist relationships and news generation, my ‘little black book’ of contacts over the years has shifted from professional acquaintances to lasting friendships (still seeking  my journalist BFF 4 LYF – applications are now open).

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Jaz Hannington, Account Manager  •  30th Jan 17

Can technology help improve the (virtual) reality of the nation’s health?

As we draw into the last week of Jan, the sad reality is that many of the resolutions made on 1st Jan are starting to come unstuck – today is apparently the day most of us throw the (sweaty) towel in and go back to living in the status quo after deciding that those ambitious

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The Top Food Trends You Need To Know In 2017

Does your shopping list this week include seaweed, savoury yoghurt and jackfruit? Well, it should because these are some of the top new food trends for 2017. 2016 was a big year for weird and wonderful healthy food trends – all hitting our Instagram feeds. We saw the arrival of spiralized vegetables, sweet potato toast,

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Ella Farthing, Account Assistant  •  23rd Jan 17

The war against plastic – who’s fighting?

The FMCG industry is leading the way and the war against plastic packaging has commenced. Big name brands have this week pledged to raise the amount of plastic packaging that is recycled or reused, from 14%, to 70% by 2025. Nine out of 10 people claim they would recycle more if it were made easier,

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Vicki Baker, Account Director  •  19th Jan 17

A knockout Christmas for savvy retailers who are in touch with their consumers

This week, some of the UK’s biggest high street retailers have been popping the champagne corks after reporting flourishing Christmas sales. December is the biggest shopping month of the year amounting to 12% of our yearly spending. Retailers are believed to have spent a whopping £5.6bn on Christmas advertising in 2016, and for most, it

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Esther Knox, Account Manager  •  12th Jan 17