IT’S OUTRAGEOUS – that’s democracy for you!

After the vote earlier in the year which saw the UK choose to leave the European Union by a 52% majority, many were under the impression that 2016 couldn’t get much worse. How wrong they were! Today, Donald Trump has been announced as being the 45th President of the United States and the whole country,

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Imagine if you had FREE celebrity endorsement from mega double-platinum A listers including Beyonce, Jay Z, Gaga, Michelle Obama (and hubbie), Jon Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, Madonna, George Clooney (and wife), Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian, Ellen DeGeneres, Meryl Streep and Adele. With a combined Twitter following in excess of a whopping 260m (and that’s not

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Rikki Weir, Board Director  •  8th Nov 16


I was really pleased to be able to attend the IGD’s Big Debate last week (the IGD is a research and training charity that works collaboratively with the food and grocery industry to deliver the needs of the public). The annual ‘Big Debate’ brings together many of the grocery industry’s business leaders to discuss key

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#PRCADigital PR and Communications Report 2016 – A round up

The fourth annual #PRCADigital PR and Communications Report, produced in partnership with The Holmes Report and YouGov, was published last week and depending on the hat you’re wearing at the time of reading, you can look at the findings in a few different ways – some more positively than others! On one hand the report

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Carli Goodfellow, Director of Digital Influence  •  18th Oct 16

Keeping your head when all about you are losing theirs – a lesson in communication from ‘Drastic Dave’ and ‘Grounded Graham’

Rudyard Kipling’s celebrated poem ‘If’ opens with the line ‘If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs…’ and is a prophetic piece of writing about staying calm and winning in the face of adversity. I was reminded of this poem as I listened to a debate on Radio 4’s Today

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Simon Mowbray, Associate Director, Trade  •  13th Oct 16

Brownlee Brothers – what can we learn?

The nation was brought to tears recently with the heart-warming story of the Brownlee brothers at the Triathlon World Series in Mexico. The footage of Alistair Brownlee supporting his exhausted younger brother, Jonny, across the finish-line went viral, with viewers absorbed with the inspirational actions and commitment of the brothers. Seeing the tear-jerking video of

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Olivia Moor, Account Assistant  •  3rd Oct 16

Influencer marketing: A year of change

A lot can happen in a year. You pack up your desk, nip off to have a baby and hope that the landscape is at least somewhat recognisable when you come back 12 months later with a few more grey hairs, a load more wrinkles and an Instagram account full to bursting of your little

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Carli Goodfellow, Director of Digital Influence  •  29th Sep 16

Big Sam: Should he have known better?

If there was ever a perfect case study to encourage the importance of high-profile bosses always being switched on and properly polished then this is it! Big Sam, former England manager, has been forced to stand down after just one game in charge of the country’s national team following damaging allegations that he advised undercover

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A reason to paws for thought on creativity…

Clapham Common has been taken over by cats. Miaow! But not in the physical fur-ball sense… for the next two weeks, 68 of the tube station’s outdoor advertising panels have been taken over by pictures of our feline friends and the internet is going crazy for it. This has got to be my favourite campaign

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