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John Lewis tops Christmas ad chart with Buster the Dog

As the ever-iconic and eagerly anticipated John Lewis TV advert launches today it’s become an intrinsic part of the festive season – indeed the cultural conversation, the zeitgeist. I take my hat off to its comms team and agency roster. Not only have they produced yet another excellent, heart-warming, feel good ad, starring Buster (otherwise

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Carrie Pitt, Account Director  •  10th Nov 16

The Roaring Lions of 2016

Often dubbed the ‘Oscars of the Advertising World’, Cannes Lions is in full swing for its 63rd year and whilst I’m not guzzling lashings of Rosé and partying on the beach in the sunshine, I am loving lapping up what’s on the agenda. As usual it seems that surrounding the fanfare of the Palais, where

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Can a brand make an artist?

Something that always gets my attention (and keeps it) is music, whether I’m watching TV, shopping or exercising. It’s everywhere and has the power to play with our mood in a way we are unable to control. This got me thinking about the real power music could have on the artist and their rise to

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The buyer’s market

The buyer’s market – not a reference to the housing climate, but instead a reference to the commercial relationships between advertising sellers and buyers, which have come under the spotlight significantly over the past couple of weeks. The Daily Telegraph’s reporting of HSBC’s alleged tax evasion scheme from its Swiss banking arm, or rather lack

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Cirkle  •  10th Mar 15

The changing ‘celebrity’ face of advertising

Celebrities have always been a popular choice for big spend advertising campaign; we have Cheryl Cole and her ‘I’m worth it’ hair, Coleen Nolan showing us that mums go to Iceland, and of course the ‘blink and you won’t even notice them in the ad’ Redknapps on holiday for Thomas Cook. But as a recent

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Cirkle  •  26th Mar 10

Is screening England Qualifier on net an own goal for TV’s supremacy?

I am not adverse to paying to watch sport on TV, in fact when it comes to watching England in the 2010 World Cup qualifying campaign a few quid in subscriptions seems a small price to pay. But as you cannot have failed to have heard about this week with all the press advertising and

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Cirkle  •  6th Oct 09

Bah Humbug!

According to members of the public interviewed by Brand Republic in their latest video, the common perception is that retailers should wait until late October or November before rolling out their Christmas ranges, and that by launching them too early “puts people off” and is in “bad taste”.The question is…”Are you too put off products

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Cirkle  •  18th Sep 09

Iceland Drops Katona. At Last?

Heart-breaking I know, but supermarket chain Iceland has axed Kerry Katona from fronting its advertising campaigns following allegations that she is taking class A drugs. The News of the World published photos at the weekend that showed Katona allegedly snorting cocaine, and this follows a long train of PR-damaging newspaper coverage for the former Atomic

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Cirkle  •  18th Aug 09

Social Experiment Leaves Maidstone Hopping Mad

A fly-posting campaign dubbed as a ‘social experiment’ by its creators is causing mayhem in the town of Maidstone. The campaign features an image of a drugged-up, Donnie Darko-esque cartoon rabbit with no words or explanation, which has been appearing all over the walls and street furniture around the town. The town centre is up

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Cirkle  •  13th Aug 09