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IT’S OUTRAGEOUS – that’s democracy for you!

After the vote earlier in the year which saw the UK choose to leave the European Union by a 52% majority, many were under the impression that 2016 couldn’t get much worse. How wrong they were! Today, Donald Trump has been announced as being the 45th President of the United States and the whole country,

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Vicki Carr, Account Manager  •  9th Nov 16


Imagine if you had FREE celebrity endorsement from mega double-platinum A listers including Beyonce, Jay Z, Gaga, Michelle Obama (and hubbie), Jon Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, Madonna, George Clooney (and wife), Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian, Ellen DeGeneres, Meryl Streep and Adele. With a combined Twitter following in excess of a whopping 260m (and that’s not

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Rikki Weir, Board Director  •  8th Nov 16

A Conversation With… Victoria Beckham

Being one of only 100 people waiting for Victoria Beckham to take to the stage last Monday night, I was struck by the feeling of anticipation that filled the room. The celebrity-WAG-turned-critically-acclaimed-fashion-designer was at The V&A Museum to be interviewed by Vogue International Editor, Suzy Menkes, on the creation of her eponymous fashion brand. I

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Cirkle  •  2nd Jul 15

The changing ‘celebrity’ face of advertising

Celebrities have always been a popular choice for big spend advertising campaign; we have Cheryl Cole and her ‘I’m worth it’ hair, Coleen Nolan showing us that mums go to Iceland, and of course the ‘blink and you won’t even notice them in the ad’ Redknapps on holiday for Thomas Cook. But as a recent

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Cirkle  •  26th Mar 10

Celebrities stealing the thunder from hardworking PR’s?

Unless you’ve been hiding out under a rock for the past few weeks, you won’t have failed to notice that the majority of the media has been filled to the brim with stories of celebrities. Or more specifically, celebrities and their cheating antics. Tiger Woods set the ball rolling way back in November 2009 with

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Cirkle  •  12th Mar 10

Last night witnessed the biggest movie event of the year as the hottest celebrities arrived en mass, many of whom were hopeful of taking home a little ray of gold. The 82nd annual academy awards were broadcast live from Hollywood’s Kodak theatre, highlighting the year’s biggest successes within the film industry. And if the prospect

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Cirkle  •  8th Mar 10

Hair, Hair Everywhere!

Okay, so what is going on with some of our fave celebs and their P.D.H? Public Display of Hair. First up, American actress Mo’Nique. She may very well have won a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress at the glitzy awards do on Sunday but she certainly is not a winner in the beauty style

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Cirkle  •  22nd Jan 10

Life starts now…

The recent tragic and untimely death of Brittany Murphy adds to a growing list of young stars and starlets who are dying young. She was found unconscious in her bathroom after suffering cardiac arrest aged just 32. A raft of speculation surrounds her death, eating disorders, plastic surgery, and narcotics but whatever the reason, it

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Cirkle  •  23rd Dec 09

£5000 for a Chocolate Teapot?!

The chocolate teapot remains a popular benchmark for objects that fail to perform their intended function. But that didn’t put off one eager buyer when the opportunity arose to purchase one created by Sebastian Conran. The chocolate teapot in question was designed by celebrity designer Sebastian Conran for the Celebriteapot charity auction which will raise

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Cirkle  •  7th Dec 09