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#FirstFiver – A lesson in Campaign Creation

A charitable groundswell has taken the internet by storm in the past two months, following the Bank of England’s launch of the new polymer five pound note which went into circulation on September 13th. It’s taken 2 months and 3 days for me to finally get my hands on one of these shiny new notes.

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Carli Goodfellow, Director of Digital Influence  •  17th Nov 16

Pro for Pro Bono

Unless you have a stone cold heart or you are the Grinch (however we all know how that story ended), you can’t help but feel your body consume with joy and that overwhelming feeling when you help a worthy cause. Here at Cirkle, we all have a strong sense of helping those in need –

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Cirkle  •  20th Apr 15

Charities and the World of Digital

As November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness month, Cirkle wanted to get involved and raise money for the charity, as well as increase awareness of the disease. Consequently, all employees bought a purple balloon which had individual numbers attached to it, with the hope that somebody may find a balloon and contact us. After great anticipation

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Cirkle  •  17th Nov 14

Cartoon Confusion?

This weekend I changed my profile picture to Jessie from the Toy Story films. I did this the moment I saw a friend’s post saying that everyone was changing their profile picture to their favorite cartoon to support the NSPCC’s campaign to end child abuse. Not only did I think it was a great cause,

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Cirkle  •  7th Dec 10

Bras and Brass

Two things have caught my eye in social media circles over the last couple of days. The first is a journalist who wrote a blog slating PR agencies and consultants. The second is boobs. Or more specifically, bras.On Tuesday, a freelance journalist called Kevin Braddock chose to publish a post to his blog that laid

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Cirkle  •  7th Jan 10

£5000 for a Chocolate Teapot?!

The chocolate teapot remains a popular benchmark for objects that fail to perform their intended function. But that didn’t put off one eager buyer when the opportunity arose to purchase one created by Sebastian Conran. The chocolate teapot in question was designed by celebrity designer Sebastian Conran for the Celebriteapot charity auction which will raise

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Cirkle  •  7th Dec 09

Cirkle takes one more slice for charity!

With National Baking Week on our radar last week, the Cirkle team decided to put their culinary skills to the test, and conjure up a range of homemade delicacies. I mean after all, with an extensive list of leading food brands up our sleeves, surely we should know how to cook better than anyone? From

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Cirkle  •  26th Oct 09

Cirkle get physical for a great cause!

The Cirkle team is out to prove that it’s physically as well as mentally fit while raising money for a great cause as it takes part in the forthcoming ‘Logans Challenge’, in a bid to help raise money for Sparks, a unique children’s charity funding medical research into the prevention, treatment and cure for conditions

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Cirkle  •  18th Sep 09

Tacheback 2009: One Small Step for Man

I’m fortunate enough not to know anyone affected by prostate or testicular cancer. But when I heard from Remington about Tacheback, visited the website and read the facts and figures from Everyman, it shocked me. Prostate cancer kills one man an hour and has overtaken lung cancer as the most common cancer in men. There

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Cirkle  •  1st Sep 09