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Overpaid Actors? It’s Official…

Hmm, surely we’ve all known for a long time now that many A-List Hollywood actors are somewhat overpaid. But yesterday this was confirmed when a list of the top 10 most overpaid actors was revealed. Funny man Will Ferrell apparently gives the worst return at the box office than anyone else with a mere £1.72

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Cirkle  •  20th Nov 09

Lego & Spinal Tap: A Match Made in Hell?

At our recent biannual company conference, I presented a rundown of some of the top creative ideas that we should aspire to. Among these were some great uses of social media, including a fantastic clip from YouTube where someone has used an Eddie Izzard skit to create a brilliant video using Lego. Watch it below.

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Cirkle  •  8th Sep 09

A joke too far?

As the Edinburgh Fringe Festival draws to a close, kudos must be awarded to the resourceful comedian Lewis Schaffer, who scooped the Malcolm Hardee Cunning Stunt Award for the best publicity stunt at the festival. Schaffer not only persuaded Scottish publication ‘The List’ that he was the sponsor of this year’s Edinburgh Comedy Awards, but

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Cirkle  •  2nd Sep 09