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Why my Internship at Cirkle is Different

I applied for an internship at Cirkle on a whim, and I knew I wanted to work for this company, they looked great. Turns out, they had plans for two interns during the summer as part of an inaugural internship programme… miracles do happen; I managed to get an interview! I was interviewed by Rikki

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Montana Brown, Intern  •  18th Jul 16

Make it Beautiful

I’ve always loved the world of beauty, the colours, the creativity, the transformative nature of products that don’t just change your look but how you feel, plus of course the sheer fun of it all. I recently attended The Future Laboratory’s ‘Beauty Future’s Forum’ – the event was an experience in itself, starting with restorative

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The Roaring Lions of 2016

Often dubbed the ‘Oscars of the Advertising World’, Cannes Lions is in full swing for its 63rd year and whilst I’m not guzzling lashings of Rosé and partying on the beach in the sunshine, I am loving lapping up what’s on the agenda. As usual it seems that surrounding the fanfare of the Palais, where

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The future of retail – Top trends to watch in 2016

This year’s Future Laboratory “Retail Future” report shone a light on the most important trends for retail brands to watch in 2016 and made for a compelling read. If you are in the retail business or a digital advocate like me then here are some of the big emerging trends in the report of interest

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Claire Twohill, Head of Digital  •  23rd May 16

How social conversations went from ‘fit’ to ‘fitter’ in five years

I’m someone who is naturally curious when it comes to observing human behaviour; this curiosity often manifests itself in me people-watching from the safety of a coffee shop, or ‘accidentally’ overhearing terse words between a husband and wife on the train. But when I get the chance to listen in to conversations on scale, that’s

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Mars – short term pain for long term gain?

Ironically Kristen Kinkella, Director of Corporate Affairs at Mars, Chocolate had to pull out of last Thursday’s Food and Drink Federation ‘Staying on shelf’ event as the brand was in the process of orchestrating its biggest ever international product recall across 55 countries after a customer in Germany found bits of plastic in a Snickers

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Kate Harris, Director  •  1st Mar 16

The Next Big Things

It’s that time of year again when our appetites are whetted by the joy that is the annual JWT trendfest – 100 trend predications from this global ad. agency goliath. Along with our fab Account Director, Laura Oakley, we’ve picked out some of our faves. • Employ-vertising – Brands are starting to use forward-thinking employee

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Rikki Weir, Board Director  •  22nd Feb 16

16 for ’16: Key Trends PRs Should Know About

Last week’s PRCA trends briefing saw sixteen recommendations for great communications in 2016 from some of the PRCA’s senior members. My initial response, thank goodness it’s not 2025 or decades later because 16 trends in itself is quite something to digest but digging into the detail there are four key trends which I feel most

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January 2016: the month mourning went social

You must have been living under a rock for the month of January if you missed the sad loss of some absolute legends in the entertainment world. In a month that (let’s face it) already sucks, we lost greats from the acting world (Alan Rickman) and music world (David Bowie & Glenn Frey) and then

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