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Unless you want an HR complaint, please don’t ‘REACH OUT’ to me

In the hyper paced world of business and PR, I’m thinking of communicating by emoji in the hope that I don’t get sucked into the trap of using ridiculous phrases like ‘Reaching Out’. What is it, where did it come from, what does it mean and when did it become so commonplace? It screams of

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Rikki Weir, Board Director  •  26th Oct 15

007 – Building A Brand Legacy

With the upcoming premiere of the new James Bond movie Spectre I was struck by how this popular film franchise owes its success neither to conventional star power nor to its special effects. Rather, 007 has excelled through the years with a well-directed and fully formed understanding of its brand. Spectre will be the 24th

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Gone in 30 Minutes – Glastonbury strikes again

Unbelievable but unsurprising – 118,200 tickets for Glastonbury Festival 2016 sold out in 30 minutes, while the first batch of 16,800 tickets sold out in 20 minutes three days earlier. I’ve been lucky enough to attend two Glastonbury Festivals, I too was sitting at my computer continuously pressing ‘refresh’ praying to the rock and roll

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Brand Beckham – what happens now?

Over the past eight days Brand Beckham supporters across the globe have had their last ounce of hope extinguished from their already forlorn hearts. Is another solid, celebrity couple about to bite the dust and is this actually the beginning of the end for “Brand Beckham”, our undeniably favourite celebrity couple? We know that their

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Can a brand make an artist?

Something that always gets my attention (and keeps it) is music, whether I’m watching TV, shopping or exercising. It’s everywhere and has the power to play with our mood in a way we are unable to control. This got me thinking about the real power music could have on the artist and their rise to

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Twitter’s ‘Circle of Trust’

Someone asked me the other day what I thought was the most iconic logo in the world. I think the obvious logos that tend to spring to mind are McDonald’s, Coca Cola and Apple. However, I came to the conclusion that they were far too predictable and obvious. So I began to think about the

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McWhopper – bold PR move or just a bit of a McFlopper?

Last week, Burger King’s proposal to its arch rival, McDonald’s, to partner in the name of International Peace Day was undoubtedly the global talk of the PR world but who really came out looking best and was it a genuine attempt from a brand to serve a higher purpose? The idea to collaborate with McDonald’s

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Cirkle  •  2nd Sep 15

Give Me Goosebumps

So it’s been award season frenzy at Cirkle over the past few months – we’ve always placed huge significance on winning awards for employee engagement, agency best practice as well as most importantly, for our client campaigns. None of this is out of vanity, or just to fill up our trophy shelves, but it’s to

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Cirkle  •  19th Aug 15


Have you ever felt uncomfortable whilst working out or when participating in sport? Have you thought that you are being judged for the way you’re exercising, how well your performance was or for how you look? I’m sure the answer for many is YES and in my opinion it’s about time this changed. Despite being

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Cirkle  •  24th Jul 15