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Fame, Fortune & Food: The rise of the Fiterati

If it feels like your various social newsfeeds, once filled with celebrity shenanigans, designer clobber & champagne lifestyles, now seem to be full of Nike shoes, six packs & humungous rainbow-coloured plates of food, it would seem you’ve probably become immersed in the new breed of high-cred ambassadors for healthy lifestyles. As fad diets wash

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Cirkle  •  16th Jul 15

Clean as a bean?

Fresh, organic, free from antibiotics and additives: ‘clean’ produce is tipping into the mainstream.      As we are becoming so much more health conscious, spooked by tales of health scares and proficient at reading labels, the market has also had to adapt. After recently attending the Future of Food and Drink Forum at the Future Laboratory,

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Cirkle  •  6th Jul 15

Is Digital Making Us Clumsy?

How would we cope without the ‘undo’ key on our computers and laptops, it’s a reassuring quick fix! I’m not sure how successful my Photoshop and Illustrator work would be without ctrl+z (that’s cmd+z to Mac users). However, with the release of the ‘Unsend Button’ on Google, it made me think whether this new evolving

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Cirkle  • 

The Type of Campaign You Can’t Miss

This week has given rise to, what I would argue, is the greatest health campaign I have ever seen – #MissingType In order to raise awareness during National Blood Week, NHS Blood and Transplant has embarked on a simple but bold campaign driving awareness within the UK of the blood types currently at critical supply

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Cirkle  •  11th Jun 15


In case we haven’t shouted loudly enough about it already….Cirkle was named The Holmes Report ‘Best UK Consultancy to Work For’ last week. It goes without saying that it was a very proud moment for us all, not least because we put employee engagement at the heart of our business strategy, but because this award

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Cirkle  •  21st May 15

Always Print the Myth: PR and The Modern Age – The Royals

Since the middle ages, we have always had an intense interest in the royal family – from what colour the Queen is wearing to the name of the new Princess – and with the emergence of social media and 24 hour reporting, we can now find out more about them than ever before. With the

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Cirkle  •  15th May 15

Shaken and Stirred:  Why Protein World Doesn’t Care About Pleasing Everyone

I’m still seeing yellow this week thanks to the roller-coaster ride of the recent Protein World ad campaign. Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve seen one of the most controversial yet most effective examples of brand communications unfolding before our eyes. Whether their stance is right or wrong, the steadfast integrity Protein World has

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Cirkle  •  8th May 15

Killer Award Entries

I was delighted to be asked to contribute to the PRCA’s ‘Writing Great Award Entries’ training sessions. Having had the privilege of sitting on judging panels for PR Week, PRCA, SABRE, PR Moment and Fresh Awards, I’ve helped judge hundreds of PR campaign and agency award entries over multiple categories spanning consumer, B2B, social and

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Cirkle  •  7th May 15

Always Print the Myth: PR and the Modern Age

In true PR form, the setting of ‘Always Print the Myth: PR and the Modern Age’ was grandiose to say the least…the enclaves of the V&As East Staircase and Leighton Corridor, complete with ceiling paintings replicating the high Renaissance works of Raphael and Michelangelo placed our industry in celebrated surroundings and rightly so. The course

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Cirkle  •  5th May 15