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Putting the You back into YouTube

Last week YouTube celebrated its 10thbirthday, but how has the channel evolved? And are there any genuineopportunities left for the PR industry? As a product of the ‘YouTube Generation’, and having grown-up a close friend of one the original e-celebs and YouTube partners, ‘MemeMolly’, it’s a social media I really rode the wave of as

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Cirkle  •  24th Feb 15

Hotwire’s sixth annual Digital Trends Report – My Top 5 takeaways

Hotwire recently published their sixth annual Digital Trends Report for 2015, although it’s set to be the last one branded as such. Much aligned to Cirkle’s thinking, Hotwire believes that digital is not only integrated into the communication mix, but also in everyday life to such a degree it is no longer relevant to call

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Cirkle  •  30th Jan 15

#BandAid30 – Hitting the influencers  WARNING: The following content might insight strong feelings resulting in mass online speculation, opinion and even conversation amongst your peers! By Tuesday morning Band Aid 30 had become the fastest-selling single of 2014, success that the charity single concept alone cannot take credit for. Sir Bob Geldof is not only an inspirational

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Cirkle  •  21st Nov 14

Technology and Digital Innovation shifting the dial of PR Comms

It’s no secret that digital literacy has become a prerequisite of any PR firm as it continues to become wholly integrated into all brand communications and planning.  We see daily the impact of technology and digital innovation shifting the dial of PR comms.  Of all the changes we are hearing about and seeing, for me,

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Cirkle  •  7th Nov 14