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Calling time on Organic?

In a retailer’s mind, organic is very much the place to be. The organic market has continued to grow steadily throughout 2016 and soon, the UK’s organic market will be worth over £2 billion (Source – The Social Association Certification report 2016). But what of the other organic marketplace? The less healthy, less colourful, less

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Carli Goodfellow, Director of Digital Influence  •  11th Nov 16

Mars Recall – An online perspective

This week Mars made a drastic but vital move to protect its long term reputation when it recalled products from 55 countries after a piece of plastic was found in a Snickers bar in Germany. With the news breaking on Tuesday, concerned consumers flocked online searching for information. In the UK alone there were 20K+

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Claire Twohill, Head of Digital  •  26th Feb 16

Social Media: Tool for Activism or Fuel for Slacktivism

The whole of Europe and the rest of the world was shaken by the events in Paris a few weeks ago for which a minutes’ silence was observed. After the violence broke out, thousands upon thousands of individuals, institutions and companies took to social media to express their condolences for those who lost their lives,

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Never judge a book by its cover – #Istandwithahmed

Yesterday I found myself captivated with the news that a 14 year –old Texas schoolboy was arrested after bringing a homemade clock to school. What grabbed my attention was why that is a reason for arrest? And then as I delved into the news further I could not actually believe the justification that I was

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Cirkle  •  17th Sep 15

Is Digital Making Us Clumsy?

How would we cope without the ‘undo’ key on our computers and laptops, it’s a reassuring quick fix! I’m not sure how successful my Photoshop and Illustrator work would be without ctrl+z (that’s cmd+z to Mac users). However, with the release of the ‘Unsend Button’ on Google, it made me think whether this new evolving

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Cirkle  •  6th Jul 15

Best times to share on Twitter and Facebook?

Useful infographic from Bitly and Raka on the best times to post on Twitter and Facebook. (via We are Social). Click for the full infographic.

Cirkle  •  5th Jul 12

Pinterest driving sales and holding its own with Facebook

Pinterest has been around for a while now, but has it moved from interesting-and-growing-niche-platform to mainstream? According to our pals at Tamba, the answer is a resounding yes…  Take a look at their Pinterest infographic and white paper.

Cirkle  •  28th Jun 12

Lost in transmission: Traditional Christmas Spirit…if found please return

Social media greeting apps, virtual nativity plays, online shopping and digital eCards to name a few…Is there any chance of conversing and connecting with one another verbally over the festive season this year? We tend to associate the holiday season with being able to give a little more time to friends, family, and those who

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Cirkle  •  13th Dec 11


22 September 2011 saw the hugely anticipated F8 conference (Facebook’s yearly keynote) take place in San Francisco, in which exciting new changes to Facebook were revealed by Mark Zuckerberg. Aiming to put Google+ back in its box, the new developments have been met with mixed reviews, from enthusiastic praise to bitter reviews. So what’s new?

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Cirkle  •  12th Oct 11