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Can technology help improve the (virtual) reality of the nation’s health?

As we draw into the last week of Jan, the sad reality is that many of the resolutions made on 1st Jan are starting to come unstuck – today is apparently the day most of us throw the (sweaty) towel in and go back to living in the status quo after deciding that those ambitious

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Have you ever felt uncomfortable whilst working out or when participating in sport? Have you thought that you are being judged for the way you’re exercising, how well your performance was or for how you look? I’m sure the answer for many is YES and in my opinion it’s about time this changed. Despite being

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Cirkle  •  24th Jul 15

What’s Your Guilty Little Pleasure?

It turns out that we are a nation of nose pickers that love to watch reality TV and listen to Barry Manilow! As part of our Life’s Little Pleasures campaign for Montagne Jeunesse we asked 3,000 people to tell us their life’s little guilty pleasures and it seems as though we’re all a bunch of

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Cirkle  •  1st Oct 09

Cirkle get physical for a great cause!

The Cirkle team is out to prove that it’s physically as well as mentally fit while raising money for a great cause as it takes part in the forthcoming ‘Logans Challenge’, in a bid to help raise money for Sparks, a unique children’s charity funding medical research into the prevention, treatment and cure for conditions

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Cirkle  •  18th Sep 09