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The opportunity for small business is anything but small

The very nature of politics is that it gets people talking and often divides opinion – no doubt there will be a mixed response to Chancellor George Osborne’s Autumn Statement today. However, what is clear to me, and I would argue indisputable, is the vital role that small businesses play within our nation, in fact

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Cirkle  •  4th Dec 14


With UK food and drink retailing facing the most seismic changes in a generation, it was certainly fitting that industry think tank IGD chose ‘disruption’ as the theme for its recent annual convention. More than 500 of the industry’s great and good (and yours truly) gathered at London’s Park Plaza to hear what changes would

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Cirkle  •  15th Oct 14

Food Inflation Time Bomb

As if the current economic climate isn’t enough of a challenge for foodservice operators to contend with, the relentless inflation of global food prices is adding to the pressure. The latest United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organisation’s index of 55 food commodities has jumped 197.1 points to the highest level since 2008. This is clearly

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Cirkle  •  8th Nov 10

Social media to drive product recalls

A new survey from shows that one in five people have spiked their own food with something to avoid paying for it. It does seem remarkably high and pretty appalling given the lengths brand owners go to to develop the highest quality products whilst adhering to stringent and complex manufacturing processes. Occasionally however things

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Cirkle  •  25th Aug 10

When eating your 5-a-day is just not good enough!

The Daily Mail recently reported that simply eating 5 pieces of fruit and veg a week may not be good enough…. since when was eating any fruit and veg wrong?! Apparently new research showed that people tend to eat the same sort of fruit and vegetables which they know and like rather than broadening their

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Cirkle  •  6th May 10

£5000 for a Chocolate Teapot?!

The chocolate teapot remains a popular benchmark for objects that fail to perform their intended function. But that didn’t put off one eager buyer when the opportunity arose to purchase one created by Sebastian Conran. The chocolate teapot in question was designed by celebrity designer Sebastian Conran for the Celebriteapot charity auction which will raise

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Cirkle  •  7th Dec 09

The goose is getting fat… but we’re getting thinner!

Apparently, today is the day women will start their Christmas diets, so chances are there’s going to be a lot less cake in the office than in recent weeks ( Six out of ten women are planning to start getting in shape for the festive season, and particularly for their office parties. On average, each

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Cirkle  •  11th Nov 09

Get An Instant Facelift…with a Cup of Coffee!

Today’s newspapers reported that a cup of coffee can smooth away those wrinkles! At first I thought this might just be down to some obscure research finding relating to a coffee ingredient that benefited the skin’s elasticity, but after careful reading I discovered that Nescafe has actually included the beauty ingredient collagen within their latest

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Cirkle  •  19th Oct 09

Is the food industry heading for the perfect storm?

Following the IGD conference yesterday the story hitting the headlines was Sir Terry Leahy’s attack on the standards in Britain’s schools, a theme also covered, albeit less vociferously by Andy Clarke at Asda when he talked about the lack of opportunity for school leavers. The words of the Tesco boss hit the front page of

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Cirkle  •  14th Oct 09