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Spotted Richard Stirs Up Ill Feeling

When a case of a council going PC mad was revealed recently, everyone from The Daily Mail to The Telegraph wanted a piece of the pudding, with blanket coverage across both print and online media. The story that prompted the reaction? Traditional suet dessert Spotted Dick has been renamed as Spotted Richard in the canteen

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Cirkle  •  29th Sep 09

Swings and Roundabouts

In line with the continued debate surrounding the nutritional value of organic foods when compared with conventionally produced foods, well respected baby food brand Hipp Organic has identified that the criteria used in the latest report by the FSA failed to address a number of studies which indicated the significant difference of organic foods, in

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Cirkle  •  7th Aug 09

Shopping habits in a recession…

What’s in your shopping basket? Tesco Value Mince? Asda Smart Price Baked Beans? Sainsbury’s Basics Bread? It’s no surprise that the recession is affecting our shopping habits as we think much harder about what we put in our baskets. Even Waitrose, understanding that they could lose custom during these hard times, has introduced a value

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Cirkle  •  6th Aug 09

Oxo Takes Stock With Relaunch!

Here at Cirkle we are big fans of iconic food brands, so it was great for us to be involved in this week’s big story – the relaunch of Oxo stock cubes! Premier Foods, the makers of Oxo, have reshaped the cubes as an ‘X’ for a limited time whilst they run a campaign to

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Cirkle  •  4th Aug 09

Is The Media Tackling Obesity?

It’s no secret that the UK is fast turning into a nation of fatties. Research suggests that by 2012, ironically when the Olympics arrive on our shores for the first time in 64 years, one in three UK adults will be grossly overweight. The problem already costs the NHS £1 billion per annum and causes

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Cirkle  •  2nd Jul 09

Nostalgic foods drive comfortable profits

According to the latest Future Laboratory research; “meals like mum used to make and foods with nostalgic connotations are continuing to prosper in the recession as consumers turn to familiar comfort food in times of economic chaos. School dinner classics are back on the menu in homes across the country.Sales of arctic rolls are expected

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Cirkle  •  29th Jun 09