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Support from the FMCG industry for the #ThreeLions has me less than impressed…

As the sporting calendar is so close to my own heart, having both played and followed sports my whole life, it has naturally occurred that my blog writing for Cirkle has become synonymous with this passion – and I couldn’t ignore the UEFA Euro’s 2016! Kicking off this Friday, Premier League managers may have predicted

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Vicki Carr, Account Manager  •  8th Jun 16

The Women in White: the beginning of a beautiful journey?

You would be forgiven for not knowing the names of the 11 players who stepped out to represent their country in this year’s World Cup. Even I, as a football fanatic, Manchester United fan, and a player myself, could not have named each and every member of a team that has done their country proud

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Cirkle  •  6th Jul 15