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How digital is impacting the world of retailing

Today, where you can speak to a device to order a takeaway that is delivered directly to your door, the thought of pushing a trolley around a store and paying by cash seems quite alien. With the meteoric development of technology taking over every aspect of our lives, it’s unsurprising to see technological enhancements creeping

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Kathryn Foster, Account Executive  •  10th Apr 17


I was really pleased to be able to attend the IGD’s Big Debate last week (the IGD is a research and training charity that works collaboratively with the food and grocery industry to deliver the needs of the public). The annual ‘Big Debate’ brings together many of the grocery industry’s business leaders to discuss key

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Is Digital Making Us Clumsy?

How would we cope without the ‘undo’ key on our computers and laptops, it’s a reassuring quick fix! I’m not sure how successful my Photoshop and Illustrator work would be without ctrl+z (that’s cmd+z to Mac users). However, with the release of the ‘Unsend Button’ on Google, it made me think whether this new evolving

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Cirkle  •  6th Jul 15

Has the Internet become our virtual memory?

The Daily Mail covered a story today on how research carried out in the USA showed that when faced with a gap in their knowledge people resorted straight to the Internet to refresh their memory. This, as opposed to trying to recall the information themselves or letting it sink in. ‘The age of Google’. The

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Cirkle  •  26th Jan 12


22 September 2011 saw the hugely anticipated F8 conference (Facebook’s yearly keynote) take place in San Francisco, in which exciting new changes to Facebook were revealed by Mark Zuckerberg. Aiming to put Google+ back in its box, the new developments have been met with mixed reviews, from enthusiastic praise to bitter reviews. So what’s new?

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Cirkle  •  12th Oct 11

Facebook takes over the internet

It’s not an original title, but it’s the only one that says what needs to be said. Racing ahead of other social networking sites like Twitter and LinkedIn, and even giving Google a run for its money, Facebook is indeed taking over the internet. The social networking giant recently announced the launch of Open Graph

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Cirkle  •  7th May 10

Is Google Buzz Over-Hyped?

Following the Chrome browser, Nexus One mobile device, Wave and Chat, Google this week launched the latest in a line of new tools that are rapidly turning it from search engine specialist to all-encompassing communications behemoth. Google Buzz was launched amid much hype as a ‘Twitter Killer’ and a major competitor to Facebook. But is

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Cirkle  •  11th Feb 10

BD Recruitment: How Not to Manage Your Online Reputation

I recently wrote an article for the PRCA website (Public Relations Consultants Association) that talks about the rapidly increasing requirement for PR consultants to actively manage online reputations. It’s an area that any PR agency worth its salt is taking very seriously, but isn’t limited to those of us working in public relations. With the

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Cirkle  •  18th Jan 10

Digital Media in 2010: The Web Goes Real Time

As the year draws to a close, every man and his dog seems to be publishing summaries of 2009 and predictions for 2010. So, though I don’t have a pooch sat by me, I thought I’d take the opportunity of my last blog post of the year to take a look at what 2010 offers

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Cirkle  •  16th Dec 09