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2018: The Year of…?

On Friday I joined the PRCA for their conference on ‘2017: The Year of…’. Wide-ranging topics included business and consumer trends for 2017, post-truth communications, the continued rise of VR in PR and the PRCA’s 17 recommendations for great communications in 2017 With only one mention of Millennials this time around, time will tell what will

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Jonathan Smith, Director Trade  •  31st Jan 17

Technology and Digital Innovation shifting the dial of PR Comms

It’s no secret that digital literacy has become a prerequisite of any PR firm as it continues to become wholly integrated into all brand communications and planning.  We see daily the impact of technology and digital innovation shifting the dial of PR comms.  Of all the changes we are hearing about and seeing, for me,

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Cirkle  •  7th Nov 14