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Has The Sun Set on the Labour Party?

The front page of The Sun newspaper today declares ‘Labour’s Lost It’ and states the withdrawal of its support for the current Government amongst accusations of a catalogue of failures including crime, healthcare and, top of everybody’s list, public spending. So should Gordy B and the Labour Government be scared?Yes, definitely. But not because The

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Cirkle  •  30th Sep 09

Cirkle get physical for a great cause!

The Cirkle team is out to prove that it’s physically as well as mentally fit while raising money for a great cause as it takes part in the forthcoming ‘Logans Challenge’, in a bid to help raise money for Sparks, a unique children’s charity funding medical research into the prevention, treatment and cure for conditions

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Cirkle  •  18th Sep 09

Zombie reporting!

August is often referred to as silly season in terms of media coverage and reporting but seriously some of the stories that have been appearing in this weeks newspapers are definitely more fantasy than fiction smacking of something you might expect to appear in the ‘Daily Prophet’ rather than the ‘Daily Mail’. Yesterday for example

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Cirkle  •  27th Aug 09

Burger buns at the ready!

A blazing burger backlash is brewing as McDonalds is apparently going to be the only food sponsor permitted branding in and around the Olympic stadium and other key venues. While recognising the need for major corporate backing and sponsorship with such a large scale undertaking it’s hard to see the synergy between a fast food

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Cirkle  •  12th Aug 09

Nostalgic foods drive comfortable profits

According to the latest Future Laboratory research; “meals like mum used to make and foods with nostalgic connotations are continuing to prosper in the recession as consumers turn to familiar comfort food in times of economic chaos. School dinner classics are back on the menu in homes across the country.Sales of arctic rolls are expected

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Cirkle  •  29th Jun 09

I’m Loving It!

Wrong burger brand I know but what a fantastic PR stunt by Burger King to launch Flame, the supposed scent of seduction which smells like flame-grilled beef. This cologne goes on sale in Selfridges today with the non meaty price tag of £4.99. I say that but I’m hoping that this is more of a

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Cirkle  •  15th Jun 09