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The Roaring Lions of 2016

Often dubbed the ‘Oscars of the Advertising World’, Cannes Lions is in full swing for its 63rd year and whilst I’m not guzzling lashings of Rosé and partying on the beach in the sunshine, I am loving lapping up what’s on the agenda. As usual it seems that surrounding the fanfare of the Palais, where

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Short-termism vs Long-termism

In my capacity as Chairman of the PRCA’s Consumer Group, I was delighted to run a lively debate at Karmarama’s offices last week, which asked the question ‘Can consumer PR work as effectively as a short term tactic as it does a long term one?’ Our high profile panel comprised my Vice-Chairman Joan O’Connor (PR

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Tis the season to…release a festive ad!

The question is when did the release of the retailer Christmas TV ad become a calendar event in itself? Who will release first, will it be John Lewis or Sainsbury’s to make us cry, animation vs real life, it’s the talk not only of the PR and marketing industry, but of the UK … the

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Sam Eden, Account Director  •  6th Nov 15

Cirkle takes part in this year’s Marketing Industry Triathlon

‘Friday could be just another day in the office or an unforgettable day out with mates, colleagues or clients.’ This is how the Marketing Industry Triathlon markets itself to potential participants, and it couldn’t be more true. The event provides a great opportunity for marketing and PR agencies to come together and engage in some

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Cirkle  •  4th Jul 11

Festival Marketing

Festival season seems to have become the defining sign that the British summer has well and truly arrived. From June right through to September, you’d be hard pushed to find a weekend where somewhere in the country, some kind of festival (be it music, comedy, literary or film) isn’t going on. Whether, you’re partial to

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Cirkle  •  13th Jul 10