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Get An Instant Facelift…with a Cup of Coffee!

Today’s newspapers reported that a cup of coffee can smooth away those wrinkles! At first I thought this might just be down to some obscure research finding relating to a coffee ingredient that benefited the skin’s elasticity, but after careful reading I discovered that Nescafe has actually included the beauty ingredient collagen within their latest

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Cirkle  •  19th Oct 09

Spotted Richard Stirs Up Ill Feeling

When a case of a council going PC mad was revealed recently, everyone from The Daily Mail to The Telegraph wanted a piece of the pudding, with blanket coverage across both print and online media. The story that prompted the reaction? Traditional suet dessert Spotted Dick has been renamed as Spotted Richard in the canteen

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Cirkle  •  29th Sep 09

Countdown Queen Rachel Riley Boosts Ratings

It may have a cult following, but 25-year-old Channel 4 show Countdown can hardly be viewed as particularly relevant to 2009. But over the last couple of days there’s been a surge of interest in the long-running quiz programme in the press. And it’s not been due to conundrums or number puzzles. For the last

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Cirkle  •  24th Sep 09

Roll Up, Roll Up, Get Your Free News Here!

Media mogul Rupert Murdoch recently announced that all his online publishers would begin to charge for news content, so he’s not going to be very happy with today’s findings. New research has found that only 5% of people would be prepared to pay for their web content, with a massive 74% saying they would simply

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Cirkle  •  22nd Sep 09

Stop Judging the Judges

You may remember a while back, that I blogged around the subject of Strictly Come Dancing, and the fuelled debate over Alesha Dixon’s replacement of Arlene Philips. Following on from the media hype which was generated months ago, the actual arrival of Alesha on our screens this weekend seems to have caused an even bigger

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Cirkle  • 

He Had The Time Of His Life

This morning we woke to the sad news that Patrick Swayze has passed away, aged just 57, after a long illness.Jennifer Gray, who co-starred with Swayze in Dirty Dancing, commented, “’Patrick was a rare and beautiful combination of raw masculinity and amazing grace,” and in his final years Swayze demonstrated this more than ever. His

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Cirkle  •  15th Sep 09

Thelondonpaper: RIP

I for one was deeply saddened last week, to hear of the closure of one of London’s free sheets, thelondonpaper. Now whilst I admit, I am not as avid a commuter in the big smoke as I used to be, ever since it was launched on 1st July 2006, I have always enjoyed perusing through

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Cirkle  •  28th Aug 09

Zombie reporting!

August is often referred to as silly season in terms of media coverage and reporting but seriously some of the stories that have been appearing in this weeks newspapers are definitely more fantasy than fiction smacking of something you might expect to appear in the ‘Daily Prophet’ rather than the ‘Daily Mail’. Yesterday for example

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Cirkle  •  27th Aug 09

Burger buns at the ready!

A blazing burger backlash is brewing as McDonalds is apparently going to be the only food sponsor permitted branding in and around the Olympic stadium and other key venues. While recognising the need for major corporate backing and sponsorship with such a large scale undertaking it’s hard to see the synergy between a fast food

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Cirkle  •  12th Aug 09