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How digital is impacting the world of retailing

Today, where you can speak to a device to order a takeaway that is delivered directly to your door, the thought of pushing a trolley around a store and paying by cash seems quite alien. With the meteoric development of technology taking over every aspect of our lives, it’s unsurprising to see technological enhancements creeping

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Kathryn Foster, Account Executive  •  10th Apr 17

The future of retail – Top trends to watch in 2016

This year’s Future Laboratory “Retail Future” report shone a light on the most important trends for retail brands to watch in 2016 and made for a compelling read. If you are in the retail business or a digital advocate like me then here are some of the big emerging trends in the report of interest

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Claire Twohill, Head of Digital  •  23rd May 16


‘Hello…’ ventured Lionel Ritchie in 1984 (and Adele more recently). On he sang, ‘I sometimes see you pass outside my door… ‘cause I wonder where you are, and I wonder what you do…’ (OK at this point it’s getting a bit strange, but stay with me here). The thing is, back in those days we

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