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Android & Social Media: A Match Made in Google?

In the world of mobile digital media, there’s a war going on. Usage of smartphones is predicted to rocket over the next six months as mobile social media comes more and more to the fore, and that means there’s a huge market just ripe for the picking. So as always happens with emerging technologies, a

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Cirkle  •  24th Nov 09

Tacheback 2009: One Small Step for Man

I’m fortunate enough not to know anyone affected by prostate or testicular cancer. But when I heard from Remington about Tacheback, visited the website and read the facts and figures from Everyman, it shocked me. Prostate cancer kills one man an hour and has overtaken lung cancer as the most common cancer in men. There

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Cirkle  •  1st Sep 09

It’s official…we all love a good pampering session

We, the Cirkle body+soul team, commissioned a survey into Life’s Little Pleasures on behalf of our face masque client, Montagne Jeunesse, with some very interesting results. Fittingly, pampering scored highly in the poll with a soak in the bath coming out as our top pampering pleasure, followed closely by a massage from our partner and

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Cirkle  •  26th Jun 09

Tuna – It’s A Fishy Business!

If the current economic climate wasn’t ‘fishy’ enough, the latest hype around the fishing of tuna just made things a whole lot worse. With bluefin tuna reported to be on the brink of extinction, many of us will now be forced to reconsider our favourite sushi order, or worse still our sandwich fillers? Just as

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Cirkle  •  15th Jun 09