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PR Week Best Campaigns 2015

Given Cirkle made FINALIST for mid-sized agency of the year and best integrated campaign with Mr Kipling, ‘Life’s Better with Cake’, we’ve had a particularly close eye on the winners and runners up from this year’s PR Week Awards and we were delighted to attend an inspiring morning celebrating the best PR campaigns of 2015

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Short-termism vs Long-termism

In my capacity as Chairman of the PRCA’s Consumer Group, I was delighted to run a lively debate at Karmarama’s offices last week, which asked the question ‘Can consumer PR work as effectively as a short term tactic as it does a long term one?’ Our high profile panel comprised my Vice-Chairman Joan O’Connor (PR

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[Lack of] Curiosity killed the [creative] cat

Whenever there is a moral to a story involving curiosity, it’s always shrouded in negativity. In Greek Mythology, Pandora was given a box that she was told never to open. Many believe it was Zeus’ fault (and masterplan) that curiosity finally got the better of her, for he gave her a box that she was

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Tis the season to…release a festive ad!

The question is when did the release of the retailer Christmas TV ad become a calendar event in itself? Who will release first, will it be John Lewis or Sainsbury’s to make us cry, animation vs real life, it’s the talk not only of the PR and marketing industry, but of the UK … the

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Sam Eden, Account Director  •  6th Nov 15

Unless you want an HR complaint, please don’t ‘REACH OUT’ to me

In the hyper paced world of business and PR, I’m thinking of communicating by emoji in the hope that I don’t get sucked into the trap of using ridiculous phrases like ‘Reaching Out’. What is it, where did it come from, what does it mean and when did it become so commonplace? It screams of

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Rikki Weir, Board Director  •  26th Oct 15

Brand Beckham – what happens now?

Over the past eight days Brand Beckham supporters across the globe have had their last ounce of hope extinguished from their already forlorn hearts. Is another solid, celebrity couple about to bite the dust and is this actually the beginning of the end for “Brand Beckham”, our undeniably favourite celebrity couple? We know that their

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Sophia Mead, Account Executive  •  5th Oct 15

A ‘McWhopping’ disaster or a stroke of PR genius?

You’re sure to have seen the recent news from the States on Burger King’s proposal to team up with McDonald’s to mark International Peace Day – setting their differences aside to create the ‘McWhopper’. It has been a hot topic here at Cirkle with our Associate Director, Amaya Alvarez, blogging about the partnership as well.

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Cirkle  •  2nd Sep 15

McWhopper – bold PR move or just a bit of a McFlopper?

Last week, Burger King’s proposal to its arch rival, McDonald’s, to partner in the name of International Peace Day was undoubtedly the global talk of the PR world but who really came out looking best and was it a genuine attempt from a brand to serve a higher purpose? The idea to collaborate with McDonald’s

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Cirkle  • 

Give Me Goosebumps

So it’s been award season frenzy at Cirkle over the past few months – we’ve always placed huge significance on winning awards for employee engagement, agency best practice as well as most importantly, for our client campaigns. None of this is out of vanity, or just to fill up our trophy shelves, but it’s to

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Cirkle  •  19th Aug 15