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2018: The Year of…?

On Friday I joined the PRCA for their conference on ‘2017: The Year of…’. Wide-ranging topics included business and consumer trends for 2017, post-truth communications, the continued rise of VR in PR and the PRCA’s 17 recommendations for great communications in 2017 With only one mention of Millennials this time around, time will tell what will

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Jonathan Smith, Director Trade  •  31st Jan 17

Fun, fierce and thought-provoking: The PRCA Ignite session on Digital Creativity

What do you get if you take 50 PR people, a basement room of a pub and free booze? The third annual PRCA Ignite event on digital creativity. Presented in Ignite-style – 20 slides moving on automatically, no pauses – ten fast talking speakers covered all aspects of digital creativity, with Star Wars and Strictly

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HO HO HOLIDAYS ARE DEFINITELY COMING: Festive ads have hit our screens

And so, another year has passed, another year of waiting in anticipation as to what will be the next Christmas ad to hit our screens and bring an array of different emotions out of us all. Retailer Christmas TV adverts have now become famous in their own right, consumers sit on the edge of their

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Kate Mistlin, Senior Account Executive  •  10th Nov 16

#PRCADigital PR and Communications Report 2016 – A round up

The fourth annual #PRCADigital PR and Communications Report, produced in partnership with The Holmes Report and YouGov, was published last week and depending on the hat you’re wearing at the time of reading, you can look at the findings in a few different ways – some more positively than others! On one hand the report

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Carli Goodfellow, Director of Digital Influence  •  18th Oct 16

Have communications tipped the balance by becoming more emotional than rational?

I recently attended one of the PRCA’s Consumer Group events, ‘Getting the balance right – brand VS product communication – when to dial up rational and/or emotional messaging’ at the amazing Coca-Cola headquarters. It was hugely informative and hosted by our very own MD, Ruth Allchurch, who is also Chairman of the PRCA’s Consumer Group,

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Kate Mistlin, Senior Account Executive  •  2nd Aug 16


As Chairman of the PRCA’s Consumer Group, I was thrilled to hold our fourth event last night, this time at Coca-Cola HQ. The theme was ‘Brand Versus Product Communication’ looking at when to dial up rational and/or emotional messaging, and the event attracted a 60-strong turnout of senior PRs from leading PR consultancies as well

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Ruth Allchurch, Managing Director  •  28th Jul 16

16 for ’16: Key Trends PRs Should Know About

Last week’s PRCA trends briefing saw sixteen recommendations for great communications in 2016 from some of the PRCA’s senior members. My initial response, thank goodness it’s not 2025 or decades later because 16 trends in itself is quite something to digest but digging into the detail there are four key trends which I feel most

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Short-termism vs Long-termism

In my capacity as Chairman of the PRCA’s Consumer Group, I was delighted to run a lively debate at Karmarama’s offices last week, which asked the question ‘Can consumer PR work as effectively as a short term tactic as it does a long term one?’ Our high profile panel comprised my Vice-Chairman Joan O’Connor (PR

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Give Me Goosebumps

So it’s been award season frenzy at Cirkle over the past few months – we’ve always placed huge significance on winning awards for employee engagement, agency best practice as well as most importantly, for our client campaigns. None of this is out of vanity, or just to fill up our trophy shelves, but it’s to

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Cirkle  •  19th Aug 15