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The REAL X Factor Winner

So Joe McElderry wakes up this morning with a £1m recording contract, instant fame, an almost certain Christmas number 1 and winner of one of the biggest most successful reality TV shows in history. However, although Joe is definitely the most effortless, natural singer to grace our X-Factor screens for many years we all know

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Cirkle  •  14th Dec 09

Simon Cow- ard???

So is it rigged, did Simon Cowell feels his own acts were being threatened by Lucy’s talent or is he just a plain and simple wimp? Lucie Jones’ shock exit from X Factor last night has created widespread speculation and horror not only at the fact that such a talented singer has been ejected from

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Cirkle  •  9th Nov 09

Cheryl Cole Winning the Media Battle

Much has been made this year about the competitive rivalry between the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing and ITV’s X Factor. The latter is edging the ratings war at present, and Sunday’s show when Cheryl Cole made her solo debut and Whitney Houston returned to a UK stage for the first time in a decade pulled

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Cirkle  •  20th Oct 09

Stop Judging the Judges

You may remember a while back, that I blogged around the subject of Strictly Come Dancing, and the fuelled debate over Alesha Dixon’s replacement of Arlene Philips. Following on from the media hype which was generated months ago, the actual arrival of Alesha on our screens this weekend seems to have caused an even bigger

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Cirkle  •  22nd Sep 09

Products, products everywhere!!

So the UK is to follow the US’s lead by for the first time allowing product placement in tv programmes. We know the preferences of many of the world’s secretive fictional characters such as we know James Bond prefers an Omega watch and Spider-Man likes a drop of Dr Pepper. Product placement in films is

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Cirkle  •  14th Sep 09

Poppadom anyone???

So I am all in favour of tributes – a singer that sings/writes a song in honour of a loved one who has passed or an author who dedicates their book to someone – this is a wonderful and poignant way of remembering someone important to you and ensuring their memory lives on. However tributes

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Cirkle  •  7th Sep 09

Has the X Factor lost its ‘X Factor’?

I’m sure I wasn’t alone on Saturday night, as I sat in front of the box, takeaway in hand, ready for the launch of this year’s X Factor. The build up alone had been enough to set our blood racing, as I prepared myself for yet another series of the infamous talent contest, much loved

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Cirkle  •  24th Aug 09

Lots (more) fun for Katie Price….

So Jordan has been on the PR campaign again this weekend, with another fun “family “ day out for self-publicist Katie Price. Yesterday, Katie took son Harvey to theme park Thorpe Park in Surrey while ex husband Peter looked after their other two children. As usual Katie and Harvey were accompanied by Katie’s new boyfriend

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Cirkle  • 

The Show Must Go On…But Who’s Judging It?

With reality shows set to hit our screens again in September, those of you without Sky Plus (seriously, it’s a great investment!) will undoubtedly be torn between channels as prime time TV sets in at the weekend. As many of you will have seen, today’s headlines herald Alesha Dixon as the latest judge to high

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Cirkle  •  10th Jul 09