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HO HO HOLIDAYS ARE DEFINITELY COMING: Festive ads have hit our screens

And so, another year has passed, another year of waiting in anticipation as to what will be the next Christmas ad to hit our screens and bring an array of different emotions out of us all. Retailer Christmas TV adverts have now become famous in their own right, consumers sit on the edge of their

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Kate Mistlin, Senior Account Executive  •  10th Nov 16

Should have left it alone, Toblerone

Who’d have thought that on the day that the US Elections were trending worldwide, that the second most popular hashtag would have been #Toblerone. It’s no secret that as a nation, we don’t like change, as was demonstrated in the recent reaction to the redesign of Toblerone bars in the UK market, blatantly widening the

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Mars – short term pain for long term gain?

Ironically Kristen Kinkella, Director of Corporate Affairs at Mars, Chocolate had to pull out of last Thursday’s Food and Drink Federation ‘Staying on shelf’ event as the brand was in the process of orchestrating its biggest ever international product recall across 55 countries after a customer in Germany found bits of plastic in a Snickers

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Kate Harris, Director  •  1st Mar 16

Mars Recall – An online perspective

This week Mars made a drastic but vital move to protect its long term reputation when it recalled products from 55 countries after a piece of plastic was found in a Snickers bar in Germany. With the news breaking on Tuesday, concerned consumers flocked online searching for information. In the UK alone there were 20K+

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Claire Twohill, Head of Digital  •  26th Feb 16

We are losing our social filters

When I mention social filters it is probably easier to say ‘commonsense’ but I’m specifically referring to our ability to regulate behaviour on social media platforms. The past three months in particular have been rife with examples of average adults, who are probably quite decent, normal human beings demonstrating the dark side of social media

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Cirkle  •  9th Jan 15

The Best of British

Here at Cirkle, we represent a number of British brands, proud to be able to reinforce their iconic status and authentic, well established heritage when liaising with the media. Whether it be household names such as Typhoo, Russell Hobbs and Hovis, or an array of premium seasonal produce such as British Blackcurrants and Jubilee Strawberries,

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Cirkle  •  9th Aug 11

BD Recruitment: How Not to Manage Your Online Reputation

I recently wrote an article for the PRCA website (Public Relations Consultants Association) that talks about the rapidly increasing requirement for PR consultants to actively manage online reputations. It’s an area that any PR agency worth its salt is taking very seriously, but isn’t limited to those of us working in public relations. With the

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Cirkle  •  18th Jan 10

Can Corporate Branding in Football Be a Poison Chalice?

There’s an almighty storm brewing between some football clubs and their supporters at present, sparked by perhaps one of the biggest PR disasters in recent sporting memory. In October, the much-maligned owner of Newcastle United FC, Mike Ashley, announced that he wanted to sell naming rights to the club’s home, St James’ Park, in order

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Cirkle  •  19th Nov 09