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Has true loyalty been left in the past…!

Dimension Films has acquired the remake rights to An American Werewolf in London, John Landis’ groundbreaking horror-comedy from 1981. Over the last few years remake after remake have hit our screens from ‘Charlie and the chocolate factory’, ‘Get Carter’ to ‘King Kong’ to name a few. It’s become very noticeable how the film industry has

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Cirkle  •  30th Jun 09

Help find the missing “rose boy” (sponsored by Kodak)

Megan Fox, star of the Transformers sequel has helped Kodak peak in the headlines this week. A young lovestruck teenager, dubbed ‘Rose boy’ presented Megan Fox with a single rose at the premier of her new film this week but was stubbed by Fox for his efforts and dismissed back into the crowds. In a

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Cirkle  •  25th Jun 09

Cirkle race ahead with good intentions!

Cirkle have taken on a new challenge for 2009, a relay Triathlon. Caroline Kinsey (Company MD), Brooke Howard (Account Manager) and I will take on the swim, run and bike challenge at the Olympic site at Dorney Lake in Windsor on the 10th of July. We will be raising money for CLIC Sargent (Caring for

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Cirkle  •  23rd Jun 09

Has Twitter finally landed on cloud Cuckoo!

Surely not… but it’s true; a top London university has added a new degree to it’s existing offerings, a “Twitter degree”! “It’s not another Mickey Mouse course,” insists tutor Jon Hickman, of Birmingham City University. So does this actually identify how education is moving with the times and is ahead of the game understanding how

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Cirkle  •  19th Jun 09

BBC may lose licence fee money to ITV and Channel 4

As the visual media industry grows, their budgets are actually declining, ever increasing desire for the large corporations to find new incomes to fund their productions. However for ITV and Channel 4 this may not be a case of looking for it, as opposed to ‘it comes knocking’. A government report released today by Lord

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Cirkle  •  16th Jun 09