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#Eatclean – How our generation is being led by social media

Flicking through your Instagram feed you can’t go one scroll without seeing the latest health trend pop up. #Eatclean, a hashtag used by people to show their healthy meals, has 35,814,142 (and counting) posts alone, but the real question is, with health trends taking over social media, is it being reflected in food and drinks

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Kathryn Foster, Account Executive  •  15th Nov 16

An Olympic minefield?

With the first week of the Rio 2016 Olympics underway, it’s difficult to escape the hype; with daily coverage in the newspapers, on the radio and across the TV and social channels. The run up to this year’s games was certainly not a smooth ride, as the Zika virus broke out in Brazil and drug

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Gemma Brown, Account Executive  •  10th Aug 16

How social media is creating a healthier mind-set

Social media has become a part of our everyday existence, whether you are posting your latest selfie, hashtagging that perfect stack of protein pancakes or tweeting about the killer workout you just completed, 89% of UK adults are actively using social media. Platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat have made way for a

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Kathryn Foster, Account Executive  •  16th Jun 16

The Snapchat filter that lasted more than 10 seconds

Social media empowers everyone with the means to share an opinion in a public forum with millions of people across the world – no big news there, we all know that. And brands have learnt the hard way that the people that speak up about something are often the ones who have something negative to

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Cancer CAN be beaten

Yesterday the UK said good bye to another British national treasure, Victoria Wood. The cause: cancer. A BBC Radio 4 survey last weekend announced that between January and March this year an astounding 24 celebrities passed away, a figure significantly higher than 2014 and 2015 combined. …Alan Rickman – taken by pancreatic cancer… …Sir Terry

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How social conversations went from ‘fit’ to ‘fitter’ in five years

I’m someone who is naturally curious when it comes to observing human behaviour; this curiosity often manifests itself in me people-watching from the safety of a coffee shop, or ‘accidentally’ overhearing terse words between a husband and wife on the train. But when I get the chance to listen in to conversations on scale, that’s

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Mars Recall – An online perspective

This week Mars made a drastic but vital move to protect its long term reputation when it recalled products from 55 countries after a piece of plastic was found in a Snickers bar in Germany. With the news breaking on Tuesday, concerned consumers flocked online searching for information. In the UK alone there were 20K+

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Claire Twohill, Head of Digital  •  26th Feb 16

Three take-outs from #SocialMediaSmackdown

Yesterday morning we were huddled over pastries & coffee at We Are Social’s HQ who hosted their ninth #SocialMediaSmackdown breakfast event. A great line-up of speakers took to the stage to share insights from some of their social media campaigns, from Microsoft, BBC Sport and Direct Line as well as We Are Social’s own Creative

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David Bowie 1947 – 2016: Inspiring a NEW generation

As the world mourns David Bowie, who passed away yesterday at the age of just 69, a number of recurring adjectives have dominated news reports and social media tributes: inspirational, influential, pioneering, genius, hero, visionary, legend, icon. There is no doubt that David Bowie was one of the world’s most iconic stars and it got

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