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Postcards a thing of the past

According to a survey from travel website ebookers, over two thirds (39%) of Brits no longer send postcards to loved ones due to a national obsession with social networks. The trusty postcard has been replaced with status updates and tweets as 49% of British holidaymakers spend time checking and updating social networks when on holiday.

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Cirkle  •  19th Jul 11

The Changing PR Landscape

Whilst social media has been prominent for many, many years, especially for recreational use, most non-digital agencies would agree that the last 24 months have really seen it explode in the PR World. It has crept up the agenda for all of our clients here at Cirkle and social media is now present in virtually

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Cirkle  •  10th Dec 10

Online: Rise to fame or fall from grace

This year’s X Factor is proving how influential social media can be on generating support from the public. Last year Simon Cowell introduced live audiences to the audience process, bringing the public closer to the judging panel to have their say. But with social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter the ‘judging’ goes beyond

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Cirkle  •  22nd Sep 10

All’s fair in love and work

I was recently asked to contribute a post to the Social Collective blog, which features a series of forward-thinking opinion pieces by those working with social media. I was very honoured to be in such good company, and I’d love to hear any thoughts you might have on the post I submitted, which focuses on

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Cirkle  •  1st Sep 10

Social media to drive product recalls

A new survey from shows that one in five people have spiked their own food with something to avoid paying for it. It does seem remarkably high and pretty appalling given the lengths brand owners go to to develop the highest quality products whilst adhering to stringent and complex manufacturing processes. Occasionally however things

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Cirkle  •  25th Aug 10

Are you hiding your opinions behind your computer screen?

With the rise in popularity and range of social media platforms available, it seems that everyone I know is part of this phenomenon. Whether it be Twitter, Facebook or blogging, they are all at it.A recent survey by revealed that two million of British workers spend over an hour a day surfing social media

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Cirkle  •  12th Aug 10

A little less action, a little more conversation please

There is no doubt that technology is making it easier for brands to connect with consumers. Online platforms and more specifically social media have created an opportunity for brands to engage with consumers by building meaningful dialogue in a space that invites conversation, enables peer-to-peer interaction and ultimately drives word of mouth through brand advocacy.

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Cirkle  •  5th Aug 10

Foursquare – The next big thing?

Marketers are constantly looking for the ‘next big thing’ in social media, and Foursquare is the widely touted frontrunner this year. Part game, part loyalty scheme, Foursquare is a free service that combines social networks and maps, allowing users to check in at locations all over the world through their smart phones and the internet,

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Cirkle  •  2nd Jul 10

Is email going out of office?

So here is an interesting theory for you… Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg, sparked a raft of digital discussion with her bold statement that email “is probably going away.” The argument is this – social networking sight and SMS services will overtake email, with only 11% of teens using email and preferring this more interactive way

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Cirkle  •  25th Jun 10