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The Women in White: the beginning of a beautiful journey?

You would be forgiven for not knowing the names of the 11 players who stepped out to represent their country in this year’s World Cup. Even I, as a football fanatic, Manchester United fan, and a player myself, could not have named each and every member of a team that has done their country proud

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Cirkle  •  6th Jul 15

A Conversation With… Victoria Beckham

Being one of only 100 people waiting for Victoria Beckham to take to the stage last Monday night, I was struck by the feeling of anticipation that filled the room. The celebrity-WAG-turned-critically-acclaimed-fashion-designer was at The V&A Museum to be interviewed by Vogue International Editor, Suzy Menkes, on the creation of her eponymous fashion brand. I

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Cirkle  •  2nd Jul 15


When Pernod Ricard held the UK stage of its global 40th anniversary celebrations at Kensington Palace to commemorate the 1975 union of two historic French drinks businesses, Pernod and Ricard, it promised to be a convivial affair. After all, the company’s ethos is very much based around the values of passion, entrepreneurism and dynamism, as

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Cirkle  •  29th Jun 15


In case we haven’t shouted loudly enough about it already….Cirkle was named The Holmes Report ‘Best UK Consultancy to Work For’ last week. It goes without saying that it was a very proud moment for us all, not least because we put employee engagement at the heart of our business strategy, but because this award

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Cirkle  •  21st May 15

Local Sourcing – an old concept in a new package?

With digital media now entrenched in our everyday life and the availability of affordable travel, globalisation is undoubtedly here to stay as people become increasingly interconnected with other cultures and expand their awareness of new places. But, we can be simple creatures at heart and many people actually have change anxiety. As Ben Page, Chief

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Cirkle  •  20th May 15

The Role of Traditional Media on Corporate Reputation in this Digital Age

This week, I had the fortune of attending a PRCA Corporate Group event which challenged ‘the role of traditional media on corporate reputation in this digital age’. The industry heavy-weight panellists included the Group Director of Corporate Affairs at BT, Group Public Affairs Director at Lloyds Banking Group, Head of Digital at Hudson Sandler, and

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Cirkle  •  27th Apr 15


I’ve been thinking about playing a lot recently, and how it can help us in our working lives. What I mean by that is playtime and how the inner child in each and every one of us can benefit from kicking off the shackles of adult life from time to time. I don’t mean this

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Cirkle  •  23rd Mar 15

The buyer’s market

The buyer’s market – not a reference to the housing climate, but instead a reference to the commercial relationships between advertising sellers and buyers, which have come under the spotlight significantly over the past couple of weeks. The Daily Telegraph’s reporting of HSBC’s alleged tax evasion scheme from its Swiss banking arm, or rather lack

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Cirkle  •  10th Mar 15

The rise of the discounters

You’d have had to have been down a dark hole to have missed the march of the discounters in the last couple of years and it is an area that I am watching closely with interest. It’s obviously important for me to be fully informed for my job working with major FMCG companies but also

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Cirkle  •  23rd Feb 15