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Can technology help improve the (virtual) reality of the nation’s health?

As we draw into the last week of Jan, the sad reality is that many of the resolutions made on 1st Jan are starting to come unstuck – today is apparently the day most of us throw the (sweaty) towel in and go back to living in the status quo after deciding that those ambitious

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The Top Food Trends You Need To Know In 2017

Does your shopping list this week include seaweed, savoury yoghurt and jackfruit? Well, it should because these are some of the top new food trends for 2017. 2016 was a big year for weird and wonderful healthy food trends – all hitting our Instagram feeds. We saw the arrival of spiralized vegetables, sweet potato toast,

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Ella Farthing, Account Assistant  •  23rd Jan 17

The future of retail – Top trends to watch in 2016

This year’s Future Laboratory “Retail Future” report shone a light on the most important trends for retail brands to watch in 2016 and made for a compelling read. If you are in the retail business or a digital advocate like me then here are some of the big emerging trends in the report of interest

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Claire Twohill, Head of Digital  •  23rd May 16

The Next Big Things

It’s that time of year again when our appetites are whetted by the joy that is the annual JWT trendfest – 100 trend predications from this global ad. agency goliath. Along with our fab Account Director, Laura Oakley, we’ve picked out some of our faves. • Employ-vertising – Brands are starting to use forward-thinking employee

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Rikki Weir, Board Director  •  22nd Feb 16

16 for ’16: Key Trends PRs Should Know About

Last week’s PRCA trends briefing saw sixteen recommendations for great communications in 2016 from some of the PRCA’s senior members. My initial response, thank goodness it’s not 2025 or decades later because 16 trends in itself is quite something to digest but digging into the detail there are four key trends which I feel most

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Twitter in 2015

I don’t think people would be too surprised if in 2015 Twitter followed Facebook towards zero organic reach. Much has been made of the impact that this financial model in Facebook has had on brands and marketers. So what would ‘Twitter Zero’ mean for marketers and brands? Here are some thoughts: Test & learn while

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Cirkle  •  16th Feb 15

Latest Trends in Comms

Last week I attended the PRCA’s mini conference where they unveiled 15 compelling communications trends for 2015 and beyond. These were collated from senior PRCAmembers including our MD, Ruth Allchurch. Here, I’ve pulled out some of the ones that resonated most with me.  It’s still all about trust and transparency: This was also the theme

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Cirkle  •  2nd Feb 15

Hotwire’s sixth annual Digital Trends Report – My Top 5 takeaways

Hotwire recently published their sixth annual Digital Trends Report for 2015, although it’s set to be the last one branded as such. Much aligned to Cirkle’s thinking, Hotwire believes that digital is not only integrated into the communication mix, but also in everyday life to such a degree it is no longer relevant to call

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Cirkle  •  30th Jan 15

Brands: ignore ‘the flat age society’ at your peril

This was just one of the messages from the recent bi-annual Future Laboratory trend briefing I attended – and it’s compelling stuff – where the term ‘old’ is dead, age isn’t just a number, it’s just ‘flat’ … welcome to the Flat Age Society.  Smash down the stereotypes – the over 50’s aren’t winding down,

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Cirkle  •  8th Oct 14