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How AR became part of everyday life overnight

If you’d have asked Brits five years ago what augmented reality was, you’d have probably been met with radio silence from the majority of people. But today, step outside and you’re most likely to see people unwittingly using it. Obviously I’m talking about Pokemon Go (I mean, who isn’t!) – the latest app to take

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Three take-outs from #SocialMediaSmackdown

Yesterday morning we were huddled over pastries & coffee at We Are Social’s HQ who hosted their ninth #SocialMediaSmackdown breakfast event. A great line-up of speakers took to the stage to share insights from some of their social media campaigns, from Microsoft, BBC Sport and Direct Line as well as We Are Social’s own Creative

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January 2016: the month mourning went social

You must have been living under a rock for the month of January if you missed the sad loss of some absolute legends in the entertainment world. In a month that (let’s face it) already sucks, we lost greats from the acting world (Alan Rickman) and music world (David Bowie & Glenn Frey) and then

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Twitter’s ‘Circle of Trust’

Someone asked me the other day what I thought was the most iconic logo in the world. I think the obvious logos that tend to spring to mind are McDonald’s, Coca Cola and Apple. However, I came to the conclusion that they were far too predictable and obvious. So I began to think about the

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Never judge a book by its cover – #Istandwithahmed

Yesterday I found myself captivated with the news that a 14 year –old Texas schoolboy was arrested after bringing a homemade clock to school. What grabbed my attention was why that is a reason for arrest? And then as I delved into the news further I could not actually believe the justification that I was

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Cirkle  •  17th Sep 15

Shaken and Stirred:  Why Protein World Doesn’t Care About Pleasing Everyone

I’m still seeing yellow this week thanks to the roller-coaster ride of the recent Protein World ad campaign. Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve seen one of the most controversial yet most effective examples of brand communications unfolding before our eyes. Whether their stance is right or wrong, the steadfast integrity Protein World has

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Cirkle  •  8th May 15

Twitter in 2015

I don’t think people would be too surprised if in 2015 Twitter followed Facebook towards zero organic reach. Much has been made of the impact that this financial model in Facebook has had on brands and marketers. So what would ‘Twitter Zero’ mean for marketers and brands? Here are some thoughts: Test & learn while

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Cirkle  •  16th Feb 15

Best times to share on Twitter and Facebook?

Useful infographic from Bitly and Raka on the best times to post on Twitter and Facebook. (via We are Social). Click for the full infographic.

Cirkle  •  5th Jul 12

Pinterest driving sales and holding its own with Facebook

Pinterest has been around for a while now, but has it moved from interesting-and-growing-niche-platform to mainstream? According to our pals at Tamba, the answer is a resounding yes…  Take a look at their Pinterest infographic and white paper.

Cirkle  •  28th Jun 12