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Lost in transmission: Traditional Christmas Spirit…if found please return

Social media greeting apps, virtual nativity plays, online shopping and digital eCards to name a few…Is there any chance of conversing and connecting with one another verbally over the festive season this year? We tend to associate the holiday season with being able to give a little more time to friends, family, and those who

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Cirkle  •  13th Dec 11

RIP Steve Jobs

The founder and creator of Apple tragically lost his battle with cancer yesterday at the age of 56. Jobs who created the iconic brand, and was behind the technology of the iPod, the iPhone and the iPad has left behind an incredible legacy, never has the death of a businessman reverberated with the masses in

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Cirkle  •  6th Oct 11

Who needs TV when you have Twitter!?!

So, who else tuned in to watch The Brit Awards on Tuesday? I sure did! But imagine my upset when the clock struck 9pm and I had to make the decision, do I stay tuned to the Brits or do I turn over for the last in the series of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding?

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Cirkle  •  17th Feb 11

TV Gone Mad I’m the first to admit that I watch trash TV! You name it, I watch it, be it reality, soap, game show or documentary, I have most probably tuned in once or twice. I’m also a strong believer that when your day’s work is done, there’s nothing better than curling up on

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Cirkle  •  12th Jan 11

The Changing PR Landscape

Whilst social media has been prominent for many, many years, especially for recreational use, most non-digital agencies would agree that the last 24 months have really seen it explode in the PR World. It has crept up the agenda for all of our clients here at Cirkle and social media is now present in virtually

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Cirkle  •  10th Dec 10

Online: Rise to fame or fall from grace

This year’s X Factor is proving how influential social media can be on generating support from the public. Last year Simon Cowell introduced live audiences to the audience process, bringing the public closer to the judging panel to have their say. But with social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter the ‘judging’ goes beyond

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Cirkle  •  22nd Sep 10

Are you hiding your opinions behind your computer screen?

With the rise in popularity and range of social media platforms available, it seems that everyone I know is part of this phenomenon. Whether it be Twitter, Facebook or blogging, they are all at it.A recent survey by revealed that two million of British workers spend over an hour a day surfing social media

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Cirkle  •  12th Aug 10

Lets all go crazy…two days till the #iPhone4

The much hyped iPhone 4 launch is this Thursday. This has been a subject that gadget lovers across the globe have been talking about since its ‘accidental’ leak in April. As always, Apple has done an amazing job of building hype around its new hero product and giving it the must-have status that so many

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Cirkle  •  22nd Jun 10

What does your online identity say about you?

We know that identity is key to any successful campaign. Communicating consistent messages, providing clear explanations of services, owning domain names and respecting design guidelines are just some of the ways that brands communicate their unique identity and what benefits they can provide for their target audiences. In PR, we make sure that the brand’s

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Cirkle  •  12th May 10