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Brand Beckham – what happens now?

Over the past eight days Brand Beckham supporters across the globe have had their last ounce of hope extinguished from their already forlorn hearts. Is another solid, celebrity couple about to bite the dust and is this actually the beginning of the end for “Brand Beckham”, our undeniably favourite celebrity couple? We know that their

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Sophia Mead, Account Executive  •  5th Oct 15

A Conversation With… Victoria Beckham

Being one of only 100 people waiting for Victoria Beckham to take to the stage last Monday night, I was struck by the feeling of anticipation that filled the room. The celebrity-WAG-turned-critically-acclaimed-fashion-designer was at The V&A Museum to be interviewed by Vogue International Editor, Suzy Menkes, on the creation of her eponymous fashion brand. I

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Cirkle  •  2nd Jul 15

Size zero Vs Men’s Health hero

The size zero debate rages on with the queen of nil herself Victoria Beckham declaring she will only use size 6 models and above for her Spring 2011 collection. You’d think that by now this would be a matter of course and that the really skinny girls would no longer be booked but this is

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Cirkle  •  14th Sep 10