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Putting the You back into YouTube

Last week YouTube celebrated its 10thbirthday, but how has the channel evolved? And are there any genuineopportunities left for the PR industry? As a product of the ‘YouTube Generation’, and having grown-up a close friend of one the original e-celebs and YouTube partners, ‘MemeMolly’, it’s a social media I really rode the wave of as

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Cirkle  •  24th Feb 15

The rise of the ‘vloggerati’

Referring back to our previous post by the digital wizard of our Cirkle family that is Simon John, he touched base on the launch of ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?’, the charity single in aid of Africa’s Ebola crisis organised by Bob Geldof. In this post, I wanted to go slightly further into the matter from another

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Cirkle  •  5th Dec 14